Arkansas State Council of Defense Members

Brough, Charles H., Governor of Arkansas
Townsend, Wallace, Director

State Council Members

Bond, John L.
Brasher, Walter G.
Calvert, C.C.
Couch, Harvey C.
Dean, J.W.
England, Lloyd,
Frauenthal, Ida
Futrall, John C.
Futrall, Junius M.
Garrison, Charles W., Dr.
Gibbons, John R.
Hamp, Williams
Harper, Clio
Hemingway, John H.
Hemingway, W.L.
House, Joseph W., Jr.
Pace, Frank
Reaves, E.T.
Remmel, Harmon L.
Speed, J. Smith
Sprague, W.G.
Taylor, Chas. E.
Townsend, Wallace
Trieber, Jacob Judge
Vinsonhaler, Frank, Dr.
Vision, J.R.
Whipple, Durand Major
Wright, Hamp


Author: arkansascouncilofdefense

Crystal Shurley is a Public History graduate student at UA Little Rock.

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