Chairman of County Councils of Defense

County Council Members

Andrews, C.B.
Atkins, W.S.
Bevens, Edwin
Bloodworth, C.T.
Brown, W.W.
Browning, J.K.
Burke, F.N.
Burrow, P.L.
Carroll, J.W.
Carson, J.F.
Casey, S.M.,
Cole, W.D., Jr.
Compton, R.T.
Condray, C.E.
Cooley, H.M.
Curry, Jack,
Dillion, J.P.
DuLaney, A.D.
Duncan, S.K.
Dunlap, D. Ward
Eberts, H.F.H.
Elbert, Godwin
Elsken, Conrad
Emory, Houston
Fairfield, A.B.
Galloway, W.E.
Garrett, Lon
Garvin, F.M.
Gates, J.M.
Gillespie, C.E.
Guthrie, L.M.
Hampton, John R.
Hardage, Joe
Harville, R.T.
Henry, G.A., Dr.
Hudspeth, A.T.
Jernigan, A.W.
Johnson, Smith A.
Johnson, C.G.
Johnson, W.H.
Killgore, A.S.
Killough, O.N.
Ladd, E.P.
Langley, S.S.
Lewis, A.T.
Lindsey, J.H., Dr.
Longley, N.A.
Mahony, Joe
Mann, S.H.
Mason, J.E.
McKnight, J.S.
McMasters, T.E.
Meiser, Eli
Metcalf, J.R.
Milwee, R.F.
Moore, J.W.
Morley, K.G.
Norman, George
Parker, E.A.
Payne, W.B.
Pettigrew, T.A.
Ponder, H.L.
Rainwater, Loid
Rector, George L.
Reed, Howard
Rowell, A.H.
Russel, R.H.
Sain, J.G.
Scott, P.D.
St. John, V.W.
Stayton, Jos. M.
Stewart, W.D.
Streett, W.G.
Sullivan, Arthur
Thompson, R.R.
Thorn, H.B.
Ward, J.B.
Whyte, H.R.
Williams, C.X.
Wilson, J.R.
Winham, Allen
Womble, W.E.


Author: arkansascouncilofdefense

Crystal Shurley is a Public History graduate student at UA Little Rock.

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