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Colored Auxiliary Council Members

Jones, Scipio A., State Chairman Bush, A.E., Executive Secretary McConico, J.H., Assistant Chairman County Chairmen Anderson, J.R. Avant, Lee Barrow, R.C. Black, Picken W. Blount, Josiah H. Bobo, M.W. Bond, Scott Booker, J.A, Boone, F.D. Bowie, H.H. Boyd, S.T. Brock, S.P. Brown, R.B. Bush, A.E. Campbell, J.N. Carolina, H.E., Mrs. Carry, E.H. Clarke, A.T., Mrs.…

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Scipio Africanus Jones (1863-1943)

Scipio Africanus Jones is celebrated as one of the most distinguished African American defense attorney and leading black citizens in Arkansas during the nineteenth and twentieth century. Scipio Jones was born to Jemmima Jones, a slave, in 1863 in Tulip, Dallas County, Arkansas. It is thought that he may be the son of Dr. Sanford…

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